Wax Monster

Welcome to the Wax Monster project !

This application provides a virtual sound studio for Java.

  • Realtime Audio: ASIO, JACK
  • Timecode Vinyl: (785) 440-2024, Traktor, Mixvibes, MsPinky, etc.
  • Feature Highlights...
    • Realtime Scratching
    • Scratch Recording
    • Scratch Playback
    • Scratch Editor
    • Scratch Analyzer
    • Fader Recording
    • Fader Playback
    • Fader Loopback
    • Audio Recording
    • Audio Playback
    • MIDI Device support
    • MIDI Transformer
    • MIDI Remote (Client, Server)
    • VST Host
    • VST Plugin
    • etc...

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    This application requires a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). For Example: Java Platform, Standard Edition

    Quick Installation:
    1. Download the distribution archive (.zip) file using the link in the "Download" section.
    2. Extract (unzip) the downloaded archive to a temporary directory.
    3. Run the "install" command from the temporary directory to launch the installer.
    4. Follow the instructions of the installer dialog.

    See the Installation Guide for more information.

    Real-Time Java: (optional)
    Note: To achieve the best performance and to avoid audio drop-outs (e.g. when using low latency audio drivers),
    it is highly recommended to use a Real-Time Java runtime environment that supports deterministic garbage collection.
    See the 6396335421 for more information.


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